Enclosures and Hard Disks

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SpinPoint S166 HD161HJ - hard drive - 160 GB - SATA-300. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi guys… :slight_smile:

I got this new Samsung HD161HJ that is a SATA 160GB disk…
and I also own this ColTech CE-3017 3.5" HDD enclosure… it runs on USB 2.0

I already put the two together and it works well so far…

Whenever I want to use it to access my files on it…
I always have to plug it in the outlet to give it some power…
If I wont plug it, my PC doesn’t respond or give any signs that it was detected… because it has no power… :bigsmile: hahha :slight_smile:

it’s such a pain if I would be bringing the power supply everywhere…
what if there was no available power outlet? it would be dead…

I saw my classmate having her enclosure run on USB alone…

I got a question here…

is there any way that I can do to make my enclosure like her??
I could modify it but I dont know how…

Please help me!!!

Buy one of Samsung’s 5400rpm 2.5" SATA drives… they’ll all run on power from a single USB port. Most 7200rpm notebook drives require two USB connections or an external power supply, and I’m not aware of ANY 3.5" drives that can run without external power.

Currnetly using Samsung’s 500GB 2.5" 5400rpm SATA drive in a CoolMax USB 2.0/eSATA enclosure. It runs fine with the single USB connection.

too bad to hear I cant do anything…

but I know there’s a way…

any more opinions???

Here’s another opinion (but it’s the same opinion); you will not be able to run any 3.5" harddrive on USB power alone.

There are plenty of 2.5" (notebook size) harddrives that will run on USB power, however. You can either get a ready-made external 2.5" harddrive in an enclosure, or build your own from an internal 2.5" harddrive and an empty enclosure. As recommended, the 5400 RPM drives are more likely to run off power from just a single USB port.

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[QUOTE=kevinoxy;2153150]but I know there’s a way…[/QUOTE]

There is definately [B]NO[/B] way. A 3.5" HDD used 12V power and 5V power. The USB power is only 5V / 500mA (max if it was requested during USB enumeration).

By the way it is also holy crap to use 2.5" HDDs (doesn’t matter 5400RPM or 7200RPM) in USB buspowered mode.

Short explanation:
you can use only 500mA current for buspowerered devices. And this is only possible if during USB enumeration the device requests 500mA. During enumeration only 100mA are alowed.
You can see the requested power consumption if you check your USB hubs in the control panel if I remember correctly. And I know there is NO USB powered 2.5" HDD that requests the power according to the USB specification.

What can happen using a USB powered 2.5" HDD:

[li]It may work.
[/li][li]You are lucky and your HDD does not work stable or does not work at all.
[/li][li]You are much more lucky and the power line of the used USB port or the USB port (or ports if you use Y cables) are damaged and can not used anymore.

The USB powered HDDs are more “dangerous” on Notebooks since it may happen that the USB buspower is a little weak and the powered device used therefore a little bit more current.
Unfortunately mose hardware vendors does not use fuses in the buspower line at all or only nonrenewable fuses that also makes the USB port not usable anymore.

At all I can not reommend 2.5" buspowered HDDs at all. If the HDD is build by yourself in an enclosure or you bought it right out the box… There is no guarantee it works or will not damage any components. Using a external power supply is the only real safe way.

You can also use FireWire with 6 pin plug. The buspower by the FireWire is much higher than the USB buspower (USB: 0.5A FireWire 1.5A)

All available 2.5" HDDs have during spinup a powerconsumption higher than 5V / 1A. Very old HDDs with 4200RPM and a size smaller than ~40GB may fulfill the USB specification. Even newer 4200RPM HDDs need more than 500mA during spinup.


is there no real way that I can modify the enclosure???
do I have to buy a 2.5" HD??

[QUOTE=kevinoxy;2153173]is there no real way that I can modify the enclosure???
do I have to buy a 2.5" HD??[/QUOTE]

If you do not believe me, it is your decision.

I told you it is [B][U]not possible[/U][/B] and this is really no joke! The 12V power line is missing.

is there any special 12v transformer that will provide the missing power??? :o

dumb question I know… I just wanna make sure… :slight_smile:

Throw in a transformer, sacrifice a live chicken, whatever. Your drive doesn’t need a different flavor of electricity; it needs MORE electricity.

You have been told NO! Heed the Warning or be prepared to buy a New Laptop…
Some 2.5" Laptop HDD have two usb cables to them…One draws Power n charges it up whilst the other just uses USB as normal…
The power ones are only the USB with a bulbus power thing inline…MOSTLY OTG (on the go HDD) for Photography…Though some Enclosures will also come with both on…BUT it is NOT for Pluging into Power Socket on Wall…I have one that I bought from Hong Kong n it works GREAT…