Enclosure problem with Philips 1640

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My current situation ist that the Philips (FW R2.2) works with USB2 but not with Firewire (Mapower H51x, Oxford911 chipset, FW 4.0).
I’ve already read the Banq 1620 enclosure problem thread, but I still got some question about it…

  1. Is there a native fw for the philips device that fixes this issue?
  2. If not, can I patch the philips just by installing the banq fw?

Other questions will follow :wink:

Cya CapFuture

  • AFAIK: no
  1. If not, can I patch the philips just by installing the banq fw?
  • yes: I use the latest EW1621 f/w - you must use the *.cvt

hmm thx :slight_smile:

Will I lose the LED feature after burning with the EW1621 fw?

Just read in another Thread, that EW1621 firmware doesn’t support firewire… is that true?

This statement is incorrect. I have a 1620 installed in a Plumax (Prolific) case and can burn at 16X using the EW162I Firmware on a 1394a connection.

Check the Big External Case thread…

Thx, but meanwhile I found a pretty easy solution :slight_smile:

After patching from R2.2 to R3.2, firewire support was added :slight_smile:

Overall the drives behavior changed:

Before: Disconnected from USB/FW, the drive tried to read a CD/DVD… Even with no media in the drive.

After: Everything’s fine. No more “blind” reading, no more problems with Firewire.

Anyway thanks to everyone :slight_smile: