Enclosure problem with 109


I have a venus ds5 enclosure (see here) with a pioneer 109.

I can’t burn faster than 4x.

I tried different usb ports (originals + pcmcia card) , differents cables , but can’t get good results.

I read many posts speaking about the cypress chipset that may cause problem.

Is it really no way to burn faster than 4x with this kind of enclosure ???

if 4x speed is only speed you can select, then your media is limited to 4x speed; pioneer is known for limited media compatability especially with none-japanese brands of media

i think your enclosure & your usb2 port are working fine; you can also try external version of 109 firmware from rp1.org->download firmware->pioneer dvd-writer->109 (not a09xl)->1.58 external oem

try http://www.cdspeed2000.com to get cd/dvd speed & try read transfer test, if you still think your enclosure is the problem; insert recorded media & do the burst test; it should be around 15 to 25mB; you can also try read transfer rate test to see if your enclosure & usb can transfer fast enough for fast burning speed

good luck

My media was platinum x8. I burned many of those disk at x12 with my other pioneer drive.

I will try a speed test , i let you know the results

Platinum follows the same road Intenso follows:
Changing media sources, MID, and also their quality as a result.