Enclosure for NEC 3520A?

Hi, I have a 3520A that I would normally use internally, but now I have 2 PCs so I’d like to be able to burn with either computer. I’ve been reading a few threads already along with the big enclosure thread, but I kinda gave up on that.

I’m looking for a USB one that can give me the best read/write speeds (comparable to internally? 16x?). Doesn’t matter what material it is. Firewire is not required so that and a cheap price are a bonus. And it seems that some people say the Prolific chipset is better for NEC drives (3520A), is this true?

So yea, my main priority for the enclosure is to have a similar burning result as if I use the drive internally (read/write speeds, quality). Sorry if I didn’t find a similar thread out there. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Can anyone please help?

I don’t think a USB only enclosure will be able to burn at 16X, you may manage 12X though. There is really no reason why the burn quality should suffer from having the drive in an enclosure. You may need to connect the drive as internal for flashing.

There is a thread here which may help you choose an enclosure.