I am a new forum member and this is my first post. Hope I’ve got it in the right section.

I have been using DVDplatinum since version 3 and have installed all the updates.

Having now installed version, I now have three useable versions on mty system. Can I remove versions 3 & 4 without upsetting my registration details, or do all 3 have to be installed?

Also, version 5 shows as ‘option mobile’. How do I set it to DVDplatinum. The ‘about’ page says I have both.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi encief, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Since we have a DVDFab forum, I’ve moved this thread there for specialised help :slight_smile:

Hi encief and I second Arachne’s welcome…:iagree:

You really don’t have to do anything at this point.
Versions 2.xxx, 3.xxx, 4.xxx and 5.xxx all, are separate and distinct applications and installed in separate folders.
You can keep them all installed (they don’t take up much room) or uninstall any of them. Personally, I still have Fab 3 & 4 installed, as well as 5.

The “Option Mobile” heading is normal, you have all the features of platinum right now…nothing to change…:wink:

Hope this helps.


Many thanks for the welcome and the answers to my questions.

I think I’l leave them all installed as disc space is not a problem.

Thanks once again