Encarta Reference Library 2003 protection

anyone knows what protection Encarta Reference Library 2003 uses? i couldn’t detect it with ClonyXXL

You might find there isn’t any protection on it, don’t recall finding any on their apps before, only on games.

If there is any copy protection, it will be safedisc (since that’s what Ms invariably uses on its games) but it probably isn’t copy protected.

AFAIK, the evil empire only uses copy protection on its games (not on its other apps).

I just checked my ‘MS Encarta standard 2003’ and was unable to find any protection at all.

i think it has some kind of protection, while installing setup said that if i want to countinue, i have to remove alcohol 120%, i said yes and it was removed by encarta setup…

I have Alcohol, CloneCD, Blindwrite and Nero installed.
When I installed my Encarta2003 it never asked to remove any other software.
Will it let you reinstall Alcohol now that Encarta is installed?

yes, i was able to install alcohol 120% later

now i removed encarta 2003 and installed it again, but it didn’t say anything about alcohol 120%, weird…

Not true, MS has used Copy Protections on their apps. My Encarta 2000 US CD has SD 1 on it. SO it might just be clonyxxl sucking. But if it is protected it will be SD. Just read write with game profile.

correct, earlier versions of Encarta used safedisc lite… often noticed by the ltdll.dll or 00000001.lt on the cd.