Encarta 2000



Is there someone who can tell me how to copy
the first cd of Encarta 2000 ?
It's only around 70 megs,
but very hard to copy.
Please help me !!


Look in your mail!

first copy the cd to the HD with blindread and then replace the KALLISTI.EXE with the one in your mail.
then burn the cd!

good luck

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can i have the file to!!!



Can you send me the file too??? please



There is another encarta topic (2 topics lower) with the same question. Look in that topic for the prog.

By the way, remove kallisto, put crow.exe in the dir and burn the cd. OK?


Ok, I copy the CD to my HD, using BlindRead. I only get a cue and a bin file, how do I extract the bin file??? thanx for all