Encarta 2000 - fifa 2000 crack




I am searching for a crack about encarta 2000 and fifa 2000
It seems the executable to crack is “kallisti.exe”
How to crack it ??
Or … where find a crack ???

Thank you all


Look in your mail!

There will you find the Crack for encarta 2000 i don’t know if it also works with fifa 2000 but you can try it.

Encarta 2000
first copy cd 1 to your HD with blindread than replace the file Kallisti.exe with the one i mailed to you and then burn the cd with the original name!!!

cd 2 isn’t protected so yust burn 1: to 1:

that’s it that’s that,



Thank you and thank you again
I will try it and analyse

See you soon


Hi, when I copy the image to my HD, i get an ISO file, how do I extract the file and make it possible to crack it?