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How do I copy the Encarta 2000 installation and resources CD?? I just can’t. Thanx for any help.

John Atkins





Thanks a lot for your answer, but just one more question, how do I copy the entire CD (I know, using blindread) but how do I “extract” the ISO file it makes?


Why the hell use any copying program other than Windows Explorer to copy to your hard drive?


Use explorer, don’t need blindread for this one. You can make an iso with nero or cdrwin from your HD but it isn’t neccesary.


If I copy it using Explorer, I only get 40 mb, but the there are 60 mb on the CD. I know it uses SafeDisc protection; and on every site I find on how to copy they say to make a copy using blindread and then remove the kallisti.exe file and copy instead the crow.exe. But copying the CD with blindread only gets me an ISO file, how do I extract it?. Thanks for all again


The method I used to copy encarta is described on the gamefix page. It worked for me with the dutch edition of encarta. (It’s even possible to copy both the encarta disks (with explorer) to one dir and burn them both on one 80 min cd.) I’m not saying its the only way to copy the disk, safedisc protected disks can also be copied with clonecd.

By the way the crow.exe file is indirectly downloaded from the microsoft homepage.

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I can’t copy it into track1 using cdrwin, I get it into track 2 and the drive doesn’t reads it