Enabling SpeedRead When Ripping with DVD Decrypter



Plextor has this nice function called SpeedRead which you can enable from PlexTools or DVD Decrypter. I find that when I enable it, it will rip a DVD in under 8 minutes versus the 30+ minutes it usually takes. However, I am always afraid to use this feature because it may cause read errors or freezing in the movies. It’s the same reason I only burn discs at 4X when I can burn them at 8X or higher - short cuts might turn out to be more time-consuming later when you have to redo everything.

Okay, so my question is, does anyone rip with Decrypter with SpeedRead enabled, and if so, do you ever encounter errors or problems with freeze-ups? Thanks.


SpeedRead can be enabled without any problems. Reading at high speed is not a problem and will not cause any errors or freezes. Writing is a completely different matter since here a lot of things can happen when writing at higher speeds. But, as said, you can safely read at the highest speed. If the drive encounters a read error it will automatically slow down and try again.


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: It makes sense. Wish I would have asked earlier. Could’ve cut my rip time in half.


I used this option always and get very good results