Enabling Seeking




I bought this DVD which somehow has it’s seeking disabled. I can switch chapters/sections, but can’t do normal seeks (e.g. by dragging the Navigation Slider in PowerDVD).

I ran the whole shebang through DVD-Shrink, enabling it’s “Remove P-UOPs” option, but I still can’t seek in the resultant processed DVD image!

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I go about re-enabling the seek?


What is the DVD?


It’s a conversion of the last Laserdisc version of StarWars VI (Post THX, Pre Stupid New Ending)




Apparantly on Panasonic recorders there’s an option that reduces digital artifacts during fast action scenes called “Hybrid VBR”. This option produces non-standard DVD recordings that older players don’t seem to like too much and causes similar problems to what you’ve described. You’d need to find out what brand of burner was used to create the conversion DVD. Even if you do find it’s a Panasonic, there ain’t much you can do except ask the person who did the conversion to re-do it without the Hybrid-VBR option selected.




Any way of manually fixing it? The original file was from a torrent (If I had a way of hooking my LD up to my comp, or in fact fixing my LD player, I’d do it myself, but that ain’t likely to happen unless I go visit HK for a week or two first ;))