Enabling DMA

I own an Optorite 0405 DVD burner which I installed in Dell Dimension 2350 computer. I’ve been trying to enable the DMA function to increase the copying & burning speeds. I’ve tried to enable the DMA by using my computer’s device manager as per instructions, but with no success. Any other suggestions?

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Take a look at the link in my sig, and if that doesn’t help, have you tried right-clicking the IDE channel your burner is on (Secondary hopefully), and uninstalling it?

After a reboot, Windows should then re-detect the IDE channel, along with any drives on it, and put them in the correct DMA mode. :slight_smile:

Read this:

Followed your instructions for uninstalling & then reinstalling the primary ide channel driver. The transfer mode for device 0 shows "dma if available’, & the current transfer mode for same device shows “ultra dma mode 5” However, the transfer mode for device 1 does show “dma if available”, but the current transfer mode for same device shows “not applicable”. Is this correct?

Or if you are really lazy just download DVDFab Decrypter and in the options, Reset DMA.


Do you only have one IDE channel? I would have thought your burner would be on the Secondary IDE channel.

Have a check, and if it is, uninstall that, reboot, and let Windows re-detect it. :slight_smile: