Enabling dma



using windows xp and 2.4 ghz. I do not have the “advanced” tab on any of the devices, hard drives or dvd’s, and therefore not the opportinity to enable or disble dma. What next?


Then check it using IAA (Intel Application Accellerator).


Under Windows XP you check/change the DMA using Device Manager and then looking at your IDE controller ;). Check out [THREAD=101616]this thread[/THREAD].


Chef, thank you, I will try it when I get home.
Codeking, thank you, but what you suggest is what I cannot use because the advanced tab does not show up. (I would have replied under that thread, but it is locked)
Chef, it sounds as though you know I have the intel accelerator installed. Is that because the advance tab does not show? Pretty good sluething.


I’ve not read it carefully enough. C0deKing’s answer is the first choice. If that way is not possible, IAA is probably the way to go…


If the “Advanced Settings” tab is missing from the “??? IDE Channel Properties” then something has converted you IDE driver to a SCSI driver and there will probably be another driver or tool that displays this setting. Nero Infotool and it’s report may provide you with the information you need.

I haven’t had anything to do with IAA but I do know that a lot of problems associated with DVD burning are cured by removing this accelerator.