Enabling DMA makes my dvd drive stopping working

I have this pioneer drive (DVR-A08XL) for a while and never gave me any problem. Last week, I unninstalled it and put my sister’s HDD instead and made a back up of it in my HDD. When I connected again my dvd drive, somehow it wasn’t working properly. Then I checked if it was set on PIO and changed to DMA(activating UDMA 4). After that, every time I put a cd or dvd and try to open My Computer, the system starts freezing and my dvd drive doesn’t recognize it - then I have to eject the disc to make it back to normal…
Now I reverted to PIO mode bc it is the only way my drive works… but I can’t burn anything, obviously :a
I reinstalled my windows, but it was unsuccessful :sad:
Please, somebody help me :bow: