Enable UDMA MODE 6?

Hi Everyone,

A HD Tune utility says my hard drive ( Maxtor 6Y080L0 80 GB. ) can support UDMA MODE 6, but UDMA
MODE 5 is currently active. Is there anyway I can enable UDMA MODE 6 ? Would
the UDMA MODE 6 mode make my computer run better?

Thanks !

If the OS decides to use UDMA5, then its fine.

even it would be running in UDMA Mode 6, you would not notice it :slight_smile:

Like theEye mentioned, from my experience, the transfer rate between UDMA Mode 5 & 6 is not noticeable. The only time it would likely make a difference is if you’re using two UDMA 6 HDD’s on the same channel either as raid or when transferring data from one HDD directly on to the other on the same channel, but even still, the difference would be very small.

In fact, switching off your virus checker temporarily for the duration of a massive data transfer between two HDDs would have a far more significant effect on transfer rate.

It’s probably a limitation of your mobo chipset.

Thanks for your replies !