Enable to burn ps2 game

First i’ll ask you to forgive my english, i’m french.
My ps2 can read a game already burned on a verbatim dvd by a friend of mine.
But when i burn this dvd with my liteon ldw 411s, on verbatim, my ps2 doesn’t recognize it anymore, does it came from my liteon?
Please answer me, thanks.

Welcome :slight_smile:
First you should read the sticky forum guideline post on the top of the threadlist. Which firmware version are you using, what is the media code of your verbatim DVDs ?

your friend may have bitset the game to -rom and thats why your supposedly modified ps2 can play the game

download DVDInfoPro 3.40 latest version from one of the mirrors in the link below

install the program
put the burned game from your friend in your liteon 411s drive
run DVDInfoPro
click on the icon that says MEDIA on the top left of the program
look at the booktype field

what does it say??

seb.tess, you can easily check booktype with KProbe , menu Info–> DiscInfo :wink: