Enable dma



just wanted to know how to enable dma. im pretty sure its enabled but i dont remember. i am on win98SE and when i got to device manager then cd-rom then select my tdk drive i dont see any checkbox for dma. any help?


You can find out whether your drives are DMA on by using Nero InfoTool, free from CDspeed2000.com


i used info tool and there is nothing in there for my tdk that says DMA is enabled, so im stuck on trying to figure out whats wrong here.


Damn my brother just left 5 minutes ago with my old 98 machine.

Should just be in the device manager if I remember correct. Also check your IDE controller in device manager, and make sure it’s turned on in your system bios.


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just wanted to know how to enable dma.
How to Enable Direct Memory Access (DMA)


i got a little bogged down with all the junk on my 98se comp so i decided to reformat(not because of the dma thing) and after the reformat i remembered to check for the dma thing and for some odd reason the DMA option was there when i clearly remember it wasnt there before the reformat cause i checked it like 4-5 maybe even more times. odd.