EMusic Wants Napster Users Banished

I just posted the article EMusic Wants Napster Users Banished.

Source: ZDNet

Embattled MP3 site EMusic.com has asked Napster to block access to 600 of its users who have supposedly been trading EMusic tunes illegally through the controversial file-swapping…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1008-EMusic-Wants-Napster-Users-Banished.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1008-EMusic-Wants-Napster-Users-Banished.html)

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What the heck !

Next time they would like to know where we live and all that stuff…

Nice of them they asked first .

Did they think that BMG was stupid enough to follow what they were sayin…
If they did, they would even be more stupid to believe it.


I’m sorry EMusic. I’ll immediately remove your song from my HD and put it on a CD!

i think this is a kind of stupid trick. the artists (can we really call them that) have tried everything and now they try asking nicely?


Getting banned from napster is no big deal! Just use de-ban to uninstall napster, clean the registry, and then you can get back on under a different name and ID! hohohoho MERRY FUCKING MP3 CHRISTMAS!!!

Oh, I forgot …

ooOoo ooOoo ooOoo

You know … Maybe its just me ? But i am getting so fucking sick and tired about hearing about napster. Its never going to be shutdown so dont worry about it. Secondly, its been proven that MP3’s acutally increase the sales of records… (or cds for that matter) Dont believe me ? Research it.