EMusic scraps its unlimited flat rate legal MP3 download offer

I just posted the article EMusic scraps its unlimited flat rate legal MP3 download offer.

  EMusic will scrap its     unlimited download service     from next week and replace it with several new packages limited to a certain  monthly download.  They are making  this change due...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6849-EMusic-scraps-its-unlimited-flat-rate-legal-MP3-download-offer.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6849-EMusic-scraps-its-unlimited-flat-rate-legal-MP3-download-offer.html)

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closer to my price range and im sure many others out there!
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sounds good hope it is not all 128kb

i had this service for a few months. it was all 128kbps and none of the major record labels had content on this site. it was mainly for no name companies and older music. :S

300 songs for $50 - i dunno bout all dat…

I will be one of the first to admit. I will never pay for music when I can get it for free. Seems every time there is one of these posts mentioning a pay-for-song service the reactions are 1) Too late 2) Costs too much. Excuses, excuses. The real reason is all of us can get any song we want for free if we search enough. It doesn’t matter if the music gets real good and the price of cds drops we will still download the majority of our tunes. This is a downward spiral that will not stop till the entire music industry collapses.

Having a set fee for a limited number of songs, or having a price per song is something I don’t like… What if we want to TRY to find new music out there? If I have to pay anything, even 1 mill (0.1c, $0.001, little used denomination :slight_smile: ) I WON’T. This can only discourage new music finding. Out of all the CDs I have bought, I’ve bought them because I had downloaded an MP3 file, or a few MP3s (gotta see how the band is, 1 song won’t tell you, and if it does then you’re a dumb consumer [RIAA meat]). Now that I have to pay to get the files before I can decide to buy the CD or downlaod all the songs (then burn it and find the artworks somewhere…), it’s not worth it, particularly if I don’t like it. This can only produce people who will either go in debt because of all these bought crap songs, or it will produce people who will only listen to the radio and friends, so they will generally only know what radios are playing, thus you have a large gap where the top CDs are selling like crazy, but nothing else is even getting into the 100k area, something even little-known bands/companies can do. Their loss, not mine.