EMusic partners with Universal Music - unlimited MP3s



I just posted the article EMusic partners with Universal Music - unlimited MP3s.

Universal Music has made a deal with EMusic to distribute their music trough the EMusic website. EMusic offers normal MP3 files that can be burned, transferred just like the MP3 files downloaded…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4132-EMusic-partners-with-Universal-Music---unlimited-MP3s.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4132-EMusic-partners-with-Universal-Music---unlimited-MP3s.html)

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I’m a member here. They’ve already had 2 Universal tracks, Sonic Youth and Michelle N’Degeowhatever. Emusic is also owned by the same company that owns Universal. They’ve got quite a few great labels from Jazz(Fantasy), Electronica (Six Degrees, Force Inc) and Alternative (Matador!). They’ve got quite a bit of dreck too. Good news: Burn the files and keep. Bad News: 128 and not soundin great.


I’ve been a member there, Its as carrybagman says 128 Kbit mp3’s the quality is fair… I stop using the service since i like sub genre music like Hardcore…and i kinda downloaded what they got but i liked the service…


To be honest; this sounds too good to be true! In the end, this can’t be the way record labels are going to do this. I mean, paying a monthly fee and downloading as much as you like… In the end they must want some control over the amount of mp3’s you download. Nevertheless, I’m sure to give this service a go! :4


Record companies could quite easily offer all thir music online. They just don’t want to. They already decide on what we listen to - what we can buy on CD, and they also want to control how we listen to it. The reason so much music filesharing is occuring is because people find it a convinient way of getting music, and moreso, getting it immediately. Imagine that a song was available on CD, and also offered for sale via download by a record label. The consumer has a choice … [1] Do they go all the way into town, pay parking/transport fees and waste an hour of time to buy that CD? [2] Stay in their nice comfy home and download it? People like downloading music because its more convinient. When the record companies realise this and get their online music act together, they might just start to make money out of it.


Seems they are following the example of our European Weblisten.com at last. Are non US citizens allowed to subscribe too? Too bad they don’t offer music from all labels and artists like Weblisten. I’ll stick to Weblisten. Much cheaper. More variaty in subscriptions. The 7 dollar Bonoweekend is my favorite. :9


At least let them use Lame to encode 192k mp3s or something, or I really can’t be bothered to spend a dime. I mean, why pay for crap quality mp3s, when most free (okay: illegal :4 ) mp3s out there are killer quality?


They’ve already started to post the Universal Titles, and there’s plenty! They’ve really gone all out on getting some Verve jazz titles up. They also signed on with All Music Guide to provide some descriptive content. Looks like the future is getting closer and closer (although the future is more compressed than I’d like).


as long as their are free filesharing programs that are just as good if not better, its not going to work.