eMule0.47a - any good?

does anyone know if eMule is any good?? i have bittorrent + limewire pro…cheers

emule is as bad as limewire to be honest. Bittorrent I have no clues on that.

i think limewire is great. fair enough its a haven for viruses etc, but once you know what not to download, its cool. i have over 400 songs, 20 albums, + about 20 films. SO FAR. new ones like, ultraviolet, district b13, superman returns etc… you should give it a try.lol you get the basic version from www.download.com… bittorrent is good as well. you get loads of things from there…

Naw I’m already smart I buy all my stuff.

Occassionally you have to resort to emule/edonkey to find things but the chances of getting a virus or fake are much higher than with B.T. and of course it tends to take much longer to download.

I say FORGET bit’s :a they take for EVER to get.

But http://www.revconnect.com/ is one i do say used one of the top end Peer 2 Peer programs with out going in to mRic and stuff.
But try it :iagree: and see for ya self.

what’s so bad with emule? bt is fast but you can hardly finish a donwload if it’s out of date. emule has no such problem. and i doubt any other app can find files more than emule can without a file search engine.

emule is a great piece of software. and there are lots of good file search engine online to help us finding files.

eMule is great. So far I haven’t have any problem with it. It has a lot of files, especially the older stuff.

They’re not even in the same league. emule and the network it connects to is probably the most comprehensive source of files there is on the planet. The secret to using it though is a very fast connection and patience. If you don’t share much and have a slow connection then it’s very hard to earn credits which help queue position.

Best use is for older hard to find stuff otherwise newer files are quicker to download from other means.