I dunno if i’m allowed to asked this here but if anyone has a problem close this thread…

I sometimes download/upload stuff using Emule. Quite recently I have been leaving it on overnight to download stuff. But in the morning (like today) i have found sometime in the night my internet connection just kinda cuts off and i disconnect from the server i was on. To get my internet working again I have to reboot my computer and then pull the modem wire out of the modem and then push it back in.

This used to happen when I was using zonalarm but i decided to change from that to Norton, which hasn’t given me any problems till now.

I have broadband with a company called Force9 (http://www.f9.co.uk ) and some Rhine III broadband card with a Ethernet/USB ADSL modem that goes into my broadband card.

The only problem I could thing of is that Emule lately released v0.42e which I updated from v0.24d.

Hope someone can help.


Try uninstalling the recently installed program, and reinstall the previous version. The new one might be buggy for you.

If I do that will I be able connect to people with 0.42e (if I have 0.42d)

Do you have dynamic or static IP (according to ISP)?

It is possible that the provider decides to change IP (at midnight for example) and that internet doesn’t work.

In Windows 2000 (and I think XP too) you can try this (instead of rebooting):
Get into command prompt ->
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

The above worked for me several times…

When exactly do i do that and what does it do?

I did it while running emule and it made me disconnect from the server and NIS popped a box up asking if i would give permission to emule to use the net. (Which it should do automaticly every time because it is configured)

Thanks 4 all the help so far:iagree:


Originally posted by kaybing27
When exactly do i do that and what does it do?

I think that it does this:
When someone is downloading from you, they have a connection established to you (of course). They go through the IP address. When the IP changes, they have no-one on the other end.
Someone is sending you mail to the address ‘12 Maple Drive’. You get this mail once a week. Then, all of a sudden, you have to move! The mail getting sent to you, doesn’t know you have moved - but still tries that same address… but no-one’s home! Therefore: the connection is lost.

P.S Static means it will not change IP addresses

so does this mean i have 2 get up at midnight, do the command prompt and then go back to bed or do I only to do it like once a week for example?

Sorry after you post me back, i won’t be able to reply for a while, so please could you try and explain the most you can in your next post.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You should do this when the connection failed…if that is at midnighht, yes you should do it at midnight…

Hello again,

I decided to leave it on overnight and reset my firewall config for Emule because I didn’t read your post in time.

It worked fine and i didn’t disconnect but I had a message saying my “common cliet something” had to shut down and if i wanted to send an error report to microsoft. I figured it had summit 2 do with my firewall/antivirus since the message had the norton logo. I was right, there was no logo in my tray (bottom-right) for my firewall or my antivirus. I clicked on the Norton I Security shortcut and it said my firewall was on and fine but my antivirus wasn’t on and it wouldn’t let me enable it (until I reset my computer).

Any ideas wot this might be?


It looks like you have a conflict with eMule and your firewall. The eMule client needs to act as a server in order to function properly. As such it needs to access certain ports for incoming and outgoing communication. You can specify which ports you want the program to use in the preferences dialog in the eMule program. You must also open these ports in your firewall (not just let the program access the internet) otherwise the program will hang and may cause the firewall to malfunction as well.

ZoneAlarm Pro is IMHO far superior to Norton. Your best bet is to use a hardware based solution and port fowarding like a LinkSys BEFSX41 firewall/router.

Good Luck!

could you tell me how to open ports in my firewall… Thanks:)

Also im gonna try and install the last workin version that was good 4 me, see if that works.

Is there any more ideas ppl have???

I have computer with plus minus same configuration.
I have stucket with same kind of problem.

The solution is very simple: add one more “normal” Ethernet controller and do NOT use the Realtek, attached to your’s motherboard.

Internal ethernet controller fail to response after very short period of time ehile connected to eMule P2P network.

I’ve added Intel ethernet controller and having no more troubles with eMule.