eMule wins the fight for its trademark out of court

I just posted the article eMule wins the fight for its trademark out of court.

 freemule.net announced that they have  successfully negotiated an out-of-court agreement with Firstway Medien GmbH; the  company which took  eMule's trademark and sent cease and desist letters...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7812-eMule-wins-the-fight-for-its-trademark-out-of-court.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7812-eMule-wins-the-fight-for-its-trademark-out-of-court.html)

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>> The DoS attacks were made >> from the unofficial modified >> version of eMule advertised >> as eselfilme on February 17th I’m no lawyer but surely this has to be a criminal offense in spite of Firstway Medien’s (almost certainly proveably impossible) ‘denials’… Being as they’ve already settled ‘out-of-court’ the Emule guys don’t have to persue it themselves… maybe all that has to happen is for somebody to pass the details to the relevant authorities… It would be really nice to see an ‘example’ made of these Fistway Medien characters

Congratuations and thanks to freemule.net for its effort. People ready to fight for its rights (to paaaarty :B) and digging in its pockets for freemule, new servers for Sharereactor and Razorback to name a few, if not major participants in the scene. I’ve got one thing to say: What a GRRREAT Community!!! :S Which other scene can claim such loyalty ? Methinks “eMulians” rule!!!

Serve them right for stealing other people’s work and claim copyright infringement. Methinks there will be other idiots in the computing world in the near future. Newfalsh: SCO is shitting in their pants now as IBM, Red Hat, etc are going for the kill! McBride future looks bleak. Good riddance!..

i think its still a loss for emule. they had the money to go the ‘long’ court way, they had good chances of winning and to slap GvG and friends right into their greasy faces. they should have insisted on the hard way.

@ theEye - an out of court settlement was the best option for the both of them. 20,000 euros might seem like a lot, but what would have been the point of going all the way to court (and using all that money) to get the same verdict? Now I just have to decide what to do with the donation I gave…

no, that settlement was the best for GvG and friends. If the emule-crew had insisted on the hard way they would have tought GvG a big (and even more costly) lesson…

Not nessessarally. A lot of these companies can wind up the courts with legal red tape and just wait untill emule runs out of money and have no choice but to drop the case. I’m sure there would have been more donations if they would have taken them to court, but that money would run out before GvG lost paintience.