eMule Speed Booster

I found a eMule speed booster, but do they work? The one I found has adware in it, so I didn’t install it. Anyone knows a good eMule speed booster (or an eMule with speed booster built in)? Please help (or PM me). Thanks.

they are all bogus in my opinion. In emule you need to upload in order to download from other people. Their system kind of sucks, treating everyone as leeches, and wasting electricity and time.

I can upload. My UL:DL ratio is around 1:1. But sometimes I need the file quicker, so I just want to know if anyone knows a good speed booster (or “leecher mod”) for the eMule. Please PM me. Thanks.

They are bogus ignore them, or use them at your own risk. The average download speed of the network can never exceed the average ul. Simple answer is if you are not happy with the speed go to the shop.

easy that is the point of file sharing even BTorrent works in a similar way. You don’t have to upload to download otherwise noobs on the network woud get no where, it is just uploaders are given queue boosts as rewards in the credit system and those that upload nothing and disadvantaged but not totelly locked out.

Ofcourse it works better the longer you leave it on, as eMule runs a queue system so the longer you are connected the more often you reach the front of someones queue and start to download.

Leecher mods really work, but using them is considered infinite lameness & suckness.