Emule Servers

There are a ton of emule servers out there. But what do they do? They all seem to be giving me the same download rates and file availabilitiesā€¦Does it matter which one I pick? :confused:

If I remember correctly some of the emule servers are fake etc. Razorback 2 if my memory is correct is the best to connect to.

There are no best server as none of them host any files, just catalogue them and sources. Due to source exchange you will eventually get sources from across the whole of the ed2k network. They are not eMule servers by the way they are ed2k servers. Basically the ā€œsafeā€ ones are RB 2 and 2.1 (any other RB server is a fake), eDonkey servers 1 through 6.

I would say the Bytedevils servers too, but unless you are using a mod which shows country flags I wouldnā€™t recommend as there are now a number of fake BD servers out there. If you are using a mod that allows the flags then the fake BD servers are the ones with the US flag the ones with the German flag are the legit BD servers.