+ + eMule Server Problems?

I got a problem - for some reason, eMule is being very selective about the servers I connect to! I have no idea what is up, I’ve even downloaded new client versions (and some with modifications), but to no avail!

Can’t connect to ProbenPrinz or Razorback (or any other GOOD server ;))

Anyone have any ideas?? I am totally confused at this point…:confused:


Sorry for posting in wrong forum Tax! Thanx!

as i know nothing about emule, the best i can do is refer you to their forums at


You must have port 4662 open to be able to connect to Razorback or any other good server. It should notify you in the Serverinfo tab if that port is not reachable.

Alright, I should have been a bit clearer…:wink:

I have no firewall software active - I have it installed, but found no use for it because my VirusScanner scans every file instantly upon modification/creation.

So, I have no firewall enabled, and it looks like I need port 4662 and 4661 to get on the server.

My question: how do I check these ports to see what is using them or unblock them??

God damn WXP Firewall…problem fixed!

I said you had a firewall! Listen! :bigsmile: