eMule Mods, which one is the best?



I’m currently using Dazzle eMule Mod, it doesn’t seem to improve my download or shorten my waiting time. I don’t mind sharing, but the waiting time of eMule is getting worse, so is there a better eMule Mod to use? PM me if you can’t post it. Thanks.


No mod will improve your waiting time. The numbers have increased on the ed2k network and as a result so has the waiting time. If you want to look at some good mods (as in those that contain no network harming features) the try eMules# own forum you have to register to look at the mod section.


Yes, it’s possible to get faster download speeds then official, but only hardly if you follow the community rules that are set.

These features can increase speed:

  • credit shaping
  • gathering more sources
  • dropping slow sources and replace them by faster ones

well, the last one may even be allowed by community rules. drop NNP and queuefull sources falls under that category.

the mods on official won’t give you any speed increase, most leecher mods do.

The term ‘leecher mod’ actually isn’t very accurate. A simple noratio mod is a leecher mod because it’ll only allow you to download without upload. Most modern leecher mods will actually improve your download speed. But they’re not miracle workers. Depending on a lot of factors, it’ll be a factor 1-5.

as for which one is the fastest… I don’t think it matters a lot betweend the good ones. Some are better in certain situations. Others in other situations. Some have a lot of extra features, others (like mine) try to look as close to official as possible.


Yes and that is why they are leecher, hence why they are banned form the official forum, and also why those features are called network harming, even by the bloke who now writes all the server software.

Officialy recognised clients will not let you drop sources.

Let me guess ketamine?


they’re called leecher mods because you can use them for leeching

Using a leecher mod doesn’t mean you are a leecher though. If you upload and share as much as you would when using official mule, but benefit from the improved upload algorithms, then I don’t count you as a leecher.

Official emule is meant to be a slow downloader because the slower it, the longer you upload, the worse your U:D ratio gets and if it’s worse for you it’s better for the network. Any mod that improves your U:D ratio will be worse for the network then official.

You’re not directly harming the network by using a leecher mod, but you are giving less in return then you would if you would use official.

Yes, ketamine is one of the other leecher mods. I’ve never used it but a lot of people like it. It’s gotten a lot of attention due to an ‘undocumented’ spamming feature an older version has…

Ketamine isn’t even a true leecher mod. It’s not possible to disable upload and it’s not even noratio. The noratio ketamine is only for ‘very special’ people