Emule Low Id - Billion Router BiPAC5112S


I have a 1.0MB/s broadband connection.

I want to use EMule so I got myself EMule v0.47c. If there is a better E2K client, let me know!

Under Server>Log, I usually see something like “You have a lowid. Please review your network config and/or your settings” at least once.

I can connect to KAD easily but got difficulties with ED2K sometimes.

So what is the brain-dead easy-4-noobie ways/steps of combating this?

I tried to Test Port but I got:
Testing IP: [my ISP] (xxx.xx.xx.xx)
Starting TCP connection test…
TCP test failed! UDP test will not be performed.

In EMule, here are my connection settings [based on T1 settings (1-5 concurrent D/Ls) from Wizard]:
Capacities = D/L 183 KB/s
= U/L 183 KB/s
Limits = D/L 164 KB/s
= U/L 146 KB/s
Client Ports = TCP 4662
= UDP 4672
Max Sources/files = Hard Limit 500
Connection Limits = Max Connections 400
Network = Both E2K & KAD enabled
Reconnection on loss = Enabled

Here’s my Options settings:

  • Max. new connection/5 secs:20
  • Max half open connection :9

Let me know if I am “T1” after all or something else based on the info I’ve given below.

I already have UTorrent & it took me quite a while to fix the port forward thing for UTorrent. Thus, I want to use EMule & UTorrent without messing with the state of my IP address. I think using proxy/different ports would be ok but I don’t understand how proxy/ports works.

I also don’t wanna play around with fixing registry as it may screw up my system, assuming that it’s not already screwed up!

I tried using only EMule but not UTorrent (i.e. not running both at once) but still no luck.

These are my PC’s Specs:
-Pentium 4
-CPU 2.66Ghz
-Physical Address Extension

-XP Professional
-Version 2002

My PC Security Info:
-Bitdefender Internat Security 9 [Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware but no Firewall]
-AVG7.5 Plus Anti-Virus [no Firewall]
-AVG7.5 Anti-Spyware Plus [no Firewall]
-Windows Firewall but I have allowed UTorrent & EMule as an exception [the only Firewall installed is this!]

The above computer is the only one that is connected to broadband in my house. I don’t have any other PCs at home, no internal network stuff, etc!

Here are the details of my router:
Billion Router BiPAC5112S
ASDL2+ Modem/Router
I don’t know if the router itself got built-in firewall or not!
If I am online web browsing but not using any P2P, the ADSL light is usually blinking at a rate of about twice per second. The LAN light however is blinking at a faster rate.

When I joined broadband, the ISP company installed/configured everything for me. There is no username/password for using my net. Just turn on the router & off I go!

I’ve even tried turning off the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware stuff, I see no improvement.

Also tried removing splitter (the thing that shares my landline with) & make a direct connection , still no improvement.

I’ve already updated my router’s firmware and my ethernet card driver.

My other enquiries:
-Are there any E2DK indexing sites similar to Torrent sites with estimated Seeders/Leechers … other than FILEDONKEY?
-What does “Do not watch eMule. It doesn’t like it” suppose to mean?
-Do I really need that IP Filter stuff?
-Is it true you CAN’T see your own gredits in EMule? If so, how do you know you’re about be be banned or not?

Please advise. IF you need for info, just ask!

You need to change the ports you use as these are the common ones & the ISP is very likely to restrict these. I use ports above 50,000 for mine.

You also need to open up these ports in the firewall & in the router otherwise you’ll get the symptoms you’re experiencing. How you does this depends on the firewall & the router.

Yes , IP Filtering is a good idea & many would use Peer Guardian for this with/instead of filtering within emule. You get some protection against being caught illegally downloading.