eMule experiences a new threat to P2P: Trademark theft

I just posted the article eMule experiences a new threat to P2P: Trademark theft.

 eMule started off in 2002 as an open source freeware, user friendly and  efficient alternative to eDonkey that runs in its network.  eMule's development relies on a growing team  of outside...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7735-eMule-experiences-a-new-threat-to-P2P--Trademark-theft.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7735-eMule-experiences-a-new-threat-to-P2P--Trademark-theft.html)

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I’ve just given 20 bucks (USD)… we won’t let the bastards get away with it! Come on guys! React! This is a pure outrage! Vive eMule libre!!! :g

I cannot believe this. There are people out there who are just greedy and evil scum. They all should die and go to hell!

Read the (German) statement made my Skalaton81: http://www.freemule.net/?comments.6.#comment10 :stuck_out_tongue:
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We need a MyDoom virus to bring down the dickheads website…or enterprising hackers to bring them down. Also what’s the legal status of the software in Germany (they’re gmbh right, i.e. German) do they fall fowl of the German copyright laws at all…you know a quick word in the right ear and the legal wheels start turning?

if it weren’t illegal, I would go their office and smash everything into pieces :slight_smile: these ‘lawyers’ need to get bashed by the emule community!

May the fuckers rot in hell!!!:frowning: This iz an outrage. Kindda like trying to steal free condoms from a “Prevent AIDS” campaign and then sell them to other people. GO MULE`

This is total boolsheet! Those guys need to be smacked real good so they stop putting their ugly faces in front…

This has been happening with Bit Torrent, where people try and sell you the client and all you get is spyware crap all over your machine. I think users need to educate themselves a bit, do some research and stop installing garbage. If that happens situations like this won’t arise as these guys will have no money to sue anyone in the first place.