ok what is emulation and why do you need it i have hitman 2 and i want to back it up except i make a copy with alcohol 120% and you need emulation does any one know what that is

Emulation is when one thing pretends to be another (and acts as one). For instance, if you have a mac you can run software that will make the mac emulate an ibm compatible and run ibe compatible software. I am just guessing here (if someone else knows for sure please post) but if it is a game and needs emulation, I would guess that it say for instance is a playstation game and you want to run it on your computer, you would use emulation software so that your computer could emulate a playstation (and the program will think it is running on a playstation, not a computer). What format is the game and what are you trying to run it on?

many you are so far off im trying to copy himan 2 for pc with securom 4.8

Poke around the Copy Protection forum. This sounds like a copy protection issue.