Emulation software

i downloaded some emulation software from prtmac.com and cd media world and now i cant play any of my games. i dont remember what software i downloaded and i have already uninstalled them and deleated them. still i cant play my games what do i do to get rid of it without formatting my computer? :sad:

Go to the Add/Remove programs dialog?

There is no emulation software available from portmac.com

And it would help if you remembered what you downloaded/installed.

some of the software i downloaded that i remember is Anti-Blaxx, BetaBlocker, CureROM, DAEMON Tools, m7mD Remover, Pr0t.St0p, SafeDisc 4 Blocker, SafeDisc 4 Hider / SD4Hide, SR7.Stop, a-ray scanner and unSafeDisc. i used most of them trying to hide the emulation software thinkin it would stop the emulation software from being detected

Oh dear. It’s almost impossible to tell what type of conflicts you’ve created on your system with that many different anti-blackilisting tools installed. Try turning all of them off and then uninstalling as many of them as you can (manually, where they don’t have an uninstaller).

If you already removed them and still nothing works, I’m afraid you have to format your hard drive. And next time, install just ONE and good software. Don’t install everithing you find on the internet or in short time you can throw your hard drive away from too much formating.