Emulation software detected

I have installed my sims 2 on my comp. i used daemon tools to create a drive and loaded my image and tried to play the game with it. however on the splash screen it says it has detected emulation software. any idea how to get it working properly? i have clonecd, alcohol 120%, daemon tools 3.47.


that doesnt say anything about this

hmmm… none of the programs you mentioned are blacklisted, clonecd 5 was fixed from safedisc 3 blacklistes, try removing clonecd and then searching the registry for “clonecd”, then deleting all the keys you find, then re-installing clonecd

hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:

If you had an old version of cloneCD installed, this can cause old registry entries to remain and cause this error message. To make sure this not the case, uninstall CloneCD and download this program:

Install, open, and in the main window look for and delete all entries related to CloneCD (elby, slysoft etc…). Then perform an auto registry cleanup from the options menu. You can then reinstall the latest CloneCD and have no blacklisting issues with it. :slight_smile:

thanks, RegCleaner helped me remove some old programs that i uninstall but where in the add/remove programs list :slight_smile:

  • ben :slight_smile:

im using clonecd and it isnt that old. is it because i have a virtual drive on the computer.

I had the same problem with a different game. As far as I can remember, I just had to disable the “Hide CDR Media / HIde ATIP” from the Clone CD tray. Also take a look here, especially the post from nitestocker X.


CloneCD 5 is unblacklisted by SafeDisc 3.x at period (i think). Its just the old 4.x reg files that will fuck ya.

what does it mean that clonecd 5 can copy safedisc 3 only with emulation? is the emulation like hide atip and hide cd media?

Can only create a working backup if the weak sectors are amplified/emulated and “hide cdr media” is enabled in the CCD tray.