Emulation Software Detected

I have a copy of Total Overdose the Eidos PC game which doesn’t like AnyDVD Each time I try to run the game with AnyDVD loaded [enabled or disabled, safe mode or not] it gives the good old Emulation software detected please quit and restart the game…

Research suggests that the game is protected with SecuROM

I have used the contact form at SlySoft to alert them, but has anyone else suceeded in running Total Overdose with AnyDVD running?

This has been discussed before for different programs - You should contact Eidos and tell them there is a problem with their software - it is not a problem with AnyDVD.

There are utilities out there that can hide emulation software like A120 and Daemon Tools, maybe it will also work for AnyDVD? Examples are AntiBlaxx and VirtualCDHide, try googling for something like that.

But you should also complain about this to the publisher of the game, its time the publishers realize that troubling the customers who actually BUY their products is not the way to earn more money.

I had the same problem with Battlefield 2 and Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault.
Any Emulation Software was deleted (Daemon Tools, Alcohol).

But i forgot to uninstall CloneCD. After i have uninstalled this program the games are running without any kind of error.

Then i have install Daemon Tools & Alcohol again. . . No problem.
It seems that the virtual drive from CloneCD is the problem :slight_smile:

Try it