Emulation software detected



I have tried a search,but I didnt find enough to get the job done.

I am trying to backup a pc game “the incredibles” with clone cd and I want to emulate it with virtual clone drive. But when I try to play the game from the disc image I get the message emulation software detected.

I downloaded a-ray scanner,it says:SecuROM detected.

Is there a way to emulate a disc with securom?


At the moment on CloneCD it’s own can’t backup SecuROM protected software on CD/DVD, I would try this guide for a ‘successful’ backup.


Thank you very much for your reply,

I am trying out the trial version of clone cd and having the first disc
I tried fail is not encouraging.


I had the same message just trying to play a (oiriginal legal bought) game. I could play it when I unistalled Clone Cd. On this site there is some information that version CloneCD, 2005-06-18 has this problem. So Uninstall CloneCd and get a later version.
Other tips you can try, if this does’t help.

  1. See to that no Virus program is running in the background.
  2. If you have the Burning CD-program “NERO”, it is sometimes to sensitive, it says that legal program are not legal and what you see is the “emulation-message”. You can get rid of the NERO-bug either buy updating or uninstall.
  3. Go to www.gamecopyworld.com and install “Alcohol 120%”

Hope it helps and that you understand my swenglish.


I have solved this problem already.

Thank you very much for you reply :smiley: