Emulation software and LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth



Hi. I am having trouble playing Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth. When I try to play it, it says “Emulation software detected. Disable these programs and restart the game.” I have tried but cannot find the program responsible for this emulation. Here are the suspect programs:
-Burn4Free (Don’t think so)
-Fireburner (Don’t think so)
-NTI CD maker (Don’t think so)
-CloneCD (Seems a likely candidate but I think I disabled it)
-Deepburner (Don’t think so)
-BlindWrite Suite (Maybe, can’t find any emulation software in it though)

How can I find out which program it is? Thanks in advance for ANY help!!!


I’m assuming it’s running… so find out in Task Manager


Well there are about 20 programs running… is there a list of ones that it definitely isn’t? Would it be under “system” or the user name? Thanks.


Look for things relating to the above programs mentioned (eg ccd.exe) or something…

If you’re not quite sure, take a screenshot of all running processes, or type it out; whatever is easier.


Hopefully this works. Thanks.


Hm, most things there look in order…
Try this site (Google cache, the original didn’t load)“middle+earth”+Emulation+software+detected.+Disable+these+programs+and+restart+the+game&hl=en&client=firefox-a


OK clonecd was the problem. I uninstalled it and game worked. Thanks for the help.


It was probably seeing the CloneCD driver, which won’t show up in your running programs list, but rather in your device manager.