Emulation Detected Problem

Hey guys,

Well I have been trying to play Dawn of War Soulstorm. I just got this game and I installed it onto my computer. But I keep getting an error that emulation software detected please disable all emulation software.
I am using D-tools lite and alcohol 120%. So I first tried to just disable virtual drives. That didn’t work.
I have uninstalled both alcohol and d-tools. The game still says emulation detected.
And I am trying to run the game with the original disk.
I have also tried going through the registry and looking for things like clonecd in the registry because I tried clonecd and blindwrite along with alcohol until i decided to purchase alcohol.
Need help I want to play my games that I am using original disc for.

Do you still have either blindwrite or CloneCD on your system?

no but i tried uninstalling sptd and that allowed me to play the game. so i got somewhere but i dont know if there is a way to have this installed and still be able to play the game because without sptd i cannot use alcohol or daemon tools. i dont know if anyone has any ideas on what there is to try to get around this but i seem to have found the key issue i think.

Can you post the used protection including version and which dtools version and sptd driver did you use?

SecuROM, 7.21.0009
i tried daemon 4.06 and 4.123
and yasu 1.4.7080

sptd driver 1.56

The latest dtools lite version shouldn’t have any problems with this securom version in the case a created a ‘good’ image. What was the exact emulation detected error message?

it just say emulation software detected please disable and exit software.

but its not an image thats problem its not even letting me use the original cd to play the game.

Normally you’ll get an error code or a more detailed description of the problem in this message including a link to the securom page. You uninstalled blindwrite ez-play separately as blindwrite doesn’t remove it in the normal uninstall process.

thats all i get and it doesn’t have a link and yes i uninstalled ez-play and everything associated with blindwrite

Yup, blindwrite’s ez-play must either be uninstalled or disabled to run even an original disc protected with recent versions of securom.

Have you tried reinstalling Daemon Tools/SPTD ?
Sometimes there are strange conflicts that can be avoided by an uninstall/reinstall of SPTD.

i have tried running the reinstalling sptd i will try that out and let you guys know the outcome.

and as far as the registry i did go through it and made sure there was nothing blindwrite including ezplay in it.

so i have good news,

now i am able to run the game with alcohol 120% and d-tools lite without any problems. I just had to use yasu 1.3.7071, and that solved the issue with emulation detected

after that started working i went ahead and made an image and that also works.

something interesting i found out is that yasu 1.3.7071 works with alcohol and daemon tools but yasu 1.4.7080 only works with daemon tools and not alcohol. and personally i have had no luck with 1.4.

thanks for all the help guys