Emulating Win XP path/file names and sizes



I need to copy normal files (for backup reasons) from Windows XP to a DVD without losing any path/file name info, nor get problems with file size.

How do I break the ISO level 2 (31 symbols per name) limit? I can set Nero to allow paths longer than 255 symbols, but the 31 symbols per name still seems to apply.

Is it possible to save files larger than 2 GB to a DVD? At least Nero doesn’t allow me to save larger files.

I’m using Nero 5.5. It’s got a backup function, but that’s not of any use in this case, as individual files must be directly accessible.

Thanks in advance.


In nero (which should be the last version of 5.5 released) in the ISO option screen of nero, check the Joliet box, that should allow file names up to 64 characters. See the attatched image.

Nero 6 supports file names up to 128 characters, I think.

Is it possible to save files larger than 2 GB to a DVD? At least Nero doesn’t allow me to save larger files.

Yes, if your file system is NTFS. You are most likely using FAT32 which limits files to a max of 2GB. You would have to convert, but make sure you back up first!


Does it make any difference if I use ISO 9660 or ASCII in terms of allowed symbols in the file names? The manual is not explaining which ASCII character set is used for the “ASCII” setting. ISO 8859-1?

I’m using NTFS on the hard drives, if that’s what you mean. I tried a 4+ GB ZIP file (to get around the file name issue, and get (almost immediate) access to the files). That didn’t work though.

I’ll try Joliet.

Thanks for your quick response.


I tried with the Nero 6 demo and I could then use file names at least 100 (or was it 96?) symbols long without cropping. I don’t think it was as much as 128, but at least I got much less file name conversion than before.

Ideally any file name length was allowed and any symbols in the file names, so that DVD was a superset of the OS’s it’s used with, rather than the other way around.


One up the updates to nero 6 (not sure which specific version) adds support for 128 characters. I am not sure if you can apply the updates to the demo version.

As for the 2GB file size problem, mabey nero 5.5, and the demo of nero 6 do not support files > 2GB. I suggest you check the faq on nero’s site www.ahead.de

You could also try writing a detailed descrption of what your trying to do, and ask for advice in one of the software forums. http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45

Hopefully someone here can help you :slight_smile:


I bought Nero 6 and I have (which should be the last version). I’ll try this out.

Thanks for your help.