Emulating Copy Protection

For the past few years I’ve had no problems (mostly thanks to information from CDFreaks) backing up my games perfectly. However, recently I’ve gone back to playing some of my really old games that I didn’t have perfect copies of. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem, I could just emulate the copy protection. However, I can’t get it to work right. I know what protection the cds originally had, but when I try to emulate through Alcohol or Deamon Tools, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried using my backup cd in a regular drive, and making images to mount through Alcohol and Deamon Tools, but that doesn’t make a difference.

Anyone know how I can get my old games to work without using a crack?

It’s easy. Dig out your old original cds and make fresh copies (your imperfect copies were back-up rather than pirate copies weren’t they?).

Please don’t talk about the use of cracks on this forum please.

Have you tried making another from your originals? Or have you lost them or something? What games are they?

The reason I asked instead of pulling out my old cds is because I have my old boxes packed away (old move) and I didn’t want to dig them out if possible.

The games I’m trying to work with right now are Abomination & Dungeon Keeper 2.

Okiedoke, both of those games are SafeDisc 1 protected, which means that they have no ATIP check, no Regular Bit Patterns to write, and theoretically you could’ve made a sound backup by using the SafeDisc profile/datatype. When you read from the CD, had you read all the bad sectors?

No, this is back when I more or less just copied the files to my HD then burned those files onto a disk whenever a regular copy took too long (which at the time I had no clue why that was).

Then in that case no amount of emulation will save you, you will just have to get the others out or live without them. Since you have not put any of the SafeDisc data ontot the images when reading, BAD Sectors emulation or SafeDisc emulation cannot find any.

Thanks for the info!