Emty DVD after completed Burning Process; Pioneer DVR K13RA



I am having a problem with my pioneer DVR K13RA DVD-RW CD combo (firmware version 1.00) which came with an ACER Aspire 1660 (4x DVD R/W etc.)

After the burning process (4x=max) is complete, the DVD appears blank in Windows Explorer. I figured out that the session was not closed eventually because of a writing error and I sometimes could fix the problem by using the preinstalled NTI DVD burning software (which obviously comes with all ACER notebooks) to “close the session”. Mostly I was receiving an error message:

  1. clean up the disc surface
  2. use another disc
  3. choose another writing speed
    happening in ~60% of all cases.

I was using NTI and then switched to Nero 6.6, but the problem was still persisting. Initially I was using fujifilm R+DVDs, then I bought expensive Sony R-DVDs, I also cleaned the lens with a lenscleaner. No success. :sad:

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this problem? Is it worth to try some other DVD brands? Should I buy a new notebook drive? - I do not want to use an external one.

Thank you