What kind of disc is this? (ie. manufacturer?). It’s definitely not Ritek.
I got 5 pieces of it and I wonder if I need to reburn them on
better discs,one I tried locks up on my player (but OK on PC).
Looks like this (but in slimcase)

Thanx for the infos.

Can you load a disc up in DVDIdentifier or the latest version of CD-DVD Speed? That will tell you the MID, and help us identify who made them. :slight_smile:

Probably MBIPG101 R04. If they are, according to C’t tests they’re among the “good” MBIPG101 R04, but who knows.

Please follow [B]Arachne[/B]'s instructions :slight_smile:

Also: what’s your burner?

Maybe VideoHelp will give you an idea about this media.

Two different MIDs have been reported: YUDEN000 T02 and MJC 003. The T02 may be a faked MID, if the user experience reported at VideoHelp is to be taken seriously.

Disclaimer: I’ve never had any of these EMTEC media myself.

Saying from Emtec what it is based on only the package is mission impossible.

What can it be.
Fake TY
Fake MCC
Real MCC (MAde by CMC)

I think that covers most of the possabilities.
Really if you want to gamble or if you know more info so you know what you get and like what you get then it might be a option in the other cases I can not recommend them.

I got these already burned, I’m not using this type. EMTEC is actually
how BASF is called now,after another company took over.Needless to say,
they shut most everything down and outsource. Anyway—

I’ve downloaded DVDIdentifier(thanx for the tip)and it came up with this:
[B]Manufacture Name: Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Mid: MCC 003[/B]

I remember,maybe some of my Verbatims were MCC (Made in Taiwan) and they
were okay,I guess.Can DVD+Rs in slimcases,with labelling on top, be fakes?
The number on the disc is DP 4.7G S01 G2
The disc works fine on PC (so the locking up is probably my old dvd-player’s
fault),but I usually transfer an ‘unknown’ disc to my preferred brands,but I
thought first I’d ask around if this one is a reliable brand.(I’m not that choosy,
I use TDK or Sony and made in japan Verbatims IF available in good packaging).

Are there any serial numbers on the transparent area near the centre of the disc? Also, try and examine the recordable side of the disc near the hub ring. If you shine a torch or some other light source on the disc, you should see something like :


reflecting back at you. This is the stamper code and it should appear in a form similar to that if those are real Verbatim 8x DVD+R discs.

Finally, is there a country of origin on the packaging? As in “made in …”. The list of Emtec addresses for their offices around the world does not count.

Sounds close to being fake don’t know of any Mitsubishi plant or licensee that produces disc’s with that code.
And yes Labelled fake media exists and EMTEC sells it !

This media is widely spread in my country.
Very cheap and affordable.

It is a very poor quality media (as well as “minus” media)
Scan results, I have seen here are extremely bad.
Most likely - FAKE

Here is my piece of advice:

Enough said! :bigsmile:

There are no ‘Made in’ on the packaging (tdk also does not display
country of origin);the serial nr. is what I wrote above (DP…).

And the packaging is too professional. If these are indeed
fake MCCs, EMTEC got these themselves imported.Which is actually
worst than some small Hong Kong firm try to pass their product with
fake branding. What’s next? Memorex and their ilk will quit using Ritek
and buys up even cheper faked media?

I’m still not convinced that they are fakes though…I don’t have
any MCC(made by CMC) dvd+r to compare the serial numbers.
(those numbers are usually a good indication of where the media
was made,all - Riteks I have seen are starting with DR5 ,Japanese TY
and TDK also has their own distinctive lettering)

Well EMTEC is not the only brand doing this. (examples: Datawrite MACH 4, X-life/X-layer, Intenso, KODAK, Mirror,Mediarange)

I’m still not convinced that they are fakes though…I don’t have
any MCC(made by CMC) dvd+r to compare the serial numbers.
(those numbers are usually a good indication of where the media
was made,all

There not CMC guaranteed and there fake guaranteed.
Also HISPACE/MPO (Who owns EMTEC brandthese days) has sold some own made products with fake code befor.

If it was MCC made by CMC 8x media.
It should look close PAHA13JD03150861
PAH should be there.
Which should explain that you have a PLUS AZO 8x disc from CMC.(CMC serial numbering system is quite nice.)

So no CMC made stuff this time.
And there is no MCC licensee that uses these serial code as you posted.

You don’t need to. [B]Karangguni [/B]posted above the stampercode present on ALL genuine 8X +R MCC media. Your disc don’t have this stampercode? They’re not MCC media. As simple as that.

From your posting, I understand you’re not familiar with fake mediacodes and fake products in general. There is fake (couterfeit) Verbatim-branded media in Europe that looks just as “professional” as the real thing. But this is not relevant in your case, which is fake [I]media ID[/I].

You have to understand that faking a product and cheating on a mediacode is not the same thing. When we say “fake MCC”, we don’t mean “couterfeit Verbatim product”, but “borrowed mediacode”.

It’s actually not even illegal (though I’ve heard some action was currently taken by Taiyo Yuden but I can’t vauch for this info), which partly explains why it’s a rather widespread problem.

It’s vouch :disagree:

Taiyo Yuden could sue Infosmart because they use YUDEN as part of their media code, which can be trademarked. The same goes for Ritek or Sony, but TTH or TTG can’t be trademarked so easily…

Thanx for the infos folks. So what I have here is EMTEC selling a “no-name” disc they
got from God knows where.And they TRY to make it look like it’s from Mitsubishi (or maybe
they don’t even know they are selling fakedID stuff but I’m too naive as You have noticed).
It’s strange (and sad) because BASF was really a big company over here and look where they ended up :sad:

IIRC the DVD+R camp specifically forbirds media code “borrowing”, but it’s a little more gray in the DVD-R camp.

They sold the rights, so you can’t really blame them.
BASF even used to sell TY CD-R!

I’m avoiding EMTEC because they have a mixed bag of B- and Z-grade discs, and their price… well, they aren’t the cheapest.