Empty ISO folder after copy



Hi, I am using DvdFab I recently upgraded to newest release and now find out when I do a backup…I end up with an empty ISO folder after DvdFab is finished. I have used this program before with no issues. What is happening???


are you using the free dvdfab decrypter?

dvdfab decrypter currently has a problem with ISO creation. it is to be fixed in future release. sorry.


Hi, Yes I am using the free edition. I hope this gets fixed in later release. For now I seen others that have same issue and are using the version…and that is working very well.

Thank you


the creation of ISO with free dvdfab decrypter will now use Ner0 or ImgBurn [not VSO as this is a paid program]. dvdfab no longer will create ISO internally.

[B][U]this may not get worked into the next release but it is on the to-do list.[/U][/B] :slight_smile:

if you really need ISO for you projects you can still rip using DVDFab and open ImgBurn in Build (Image File) Mode. then select the DVDFab output Video_TS folder as source.