Empty DVD-RTAV folder - can't find movie files

Hi. I recorded a documentary from tv on my toshiba DVD recorder which is 48 minutes long. On a different brand of DVD-RW discs which I usually use, I never have a problem playing recordings and finding the files to do ripping and post recording conversion when in my pc liteon DVD writer.

But on this disc which is a maxell DVD-RW, it shows on my desktop as 1.59GB used and 2.64mb free. Don’t understand that as it’s a 4.7gb disc. The problem though is that there is a folder called DVD-RTAV but it’s completely empty. There are also two sysreserved files, a few kbs each. Why can’t I find the video I recorded? There are no iso files, vob files, or anything like that. I checked it in my toshiba and it plays fine so the documentary file is still on the disc. Is there something I can do? Otherwise, I would have to put it back in the toshiba, record it to vhs, then record it back to a different disc which I know would work and that would be long winded and very low quality. I have tried the disc both finalised and unfinalised, doesn’t seem to make a difference. :sad: No idea why those files on the screenshot say date modified 2001 either.

@ Roman5,

Apparently your Toshiba DVD Recorder is recording in the VR mode. In the VR Mode the data is recorded in the root directory titled “DVD_RTAV”. In the root directory “DVD_RTAV” there are three files “VR_MOVIE.vro”, “VR_MANGR.ifo” and “VR_MOVIE.bup”. The “VR_MOVIE.vro” file has all the video data stored in it (it is essentially a multiplexed MPEG2 file).

To be able to see/view the files “VR_MOVIE.vro”, “VR_MANGR.ifo” and “VR_MOVIE.bup” you need navigate to the “Control Panel” and go to “Folder Options” and click on the “View” tab and under “Hidden Files And Folder” ensure that the ‘Show Hidden Files And Folders’ box is ‘Checked’. Also ensure that “Hide Extensions For Known File Types” is ‘UnChecked’.


Thanks for the info bjkg. Unfortunately, those things were already as you said. In fact I’d checked for hidden files, folders and extensions before I made the post. Any other suggestion? Seems weird that I can’t see the files. When I hover my mouse cursor over the DVD_RTAV folder a windows message box comes up saying ‘folder empty’.

Anyone else with a suggestion?