Empty dvd after iso burning


I am using Nero 6 and after burning a dvd from an iso I downloaded the explorer shows me an empty DVD.

When I check it in Nero I see a track on the dvd but again, no files.
The DVD looks burn to me (a patial shaded area on the dvd)

I have notice some of the users had the same problem but did not see a proper solution.
Can anybody help?
thanks :bow:

By the way,

If I am burning other files as a data DVD everything is ok.

Try using ImgBurn instead?

Open the ISO with WinRAR?

Try IsoBuster?


thanks for the fast reply.
I will try imgburn today.

I tried to analyze the file using isobuster - showed it is a standard iso file. did not try to burn it yet using it - I wil ltoday.

I did try to burn it using alcohol and got the same problem.
If I try to open it using winrar - it says it is not a valid archive.

thanks for the help,
iā€™d appreciate comments

Could just be a corrupt ISO. Might want to try downloading it again.