Empty cd?

Hellow i’m an newbie on this forum ik have the following question.

I have a lite on cd burner 52327S , no problem sofar until this morning my cd burner stopped to reqognize my empty cd’s .
Arita … it goes on throwing out the cd and say put an empty cd in the burner , the burner is quite new i only burned about 10 cd’s with it .

Burning software is nero

It stopped reading cd’s also maybe it’s gone ? After burning 10 cd’s? I know that cd burners are rather cheap these day’s but after 10 cd’s?.

I also have a DVD burner wich still works fine .

Just tried flashing but still no response.

Frist thing to do is to put in a few original CDs that you have bought. This will make sure that it isn’t a single CD.

Next have you installed any new software just before it stopped working?

Also have you done anything "silly:p"to the drive. I.E flashing the firmware.

Have you moved/ banged the computer and a cable has come out? (This is always a good on to look for, at least it is on my machine)

Have ago with those few things first. If it’s still not working then we will have to give windows the once over.

There was nothing wrong with the drive i burned an audio cd this morning , wanted to burn another one it stopped burning and since it stopped it wont recognize any cd’s anymore.

I think the drive is gone , after burning 10 cd’s .