Emprex Will Not Respond On RMA For 1016IM

I’ve been trying to get an RMA# from the Emprex web sight for over 2 1\2 months without any response. I have sent requests to all the support links over 10 times and still no response. I was wondering if anyone out there is having or has had the same problem recently and how did you solve it. My drive won’t read any type of media, which leads me to believe the laser has quit working. I purchased this drive less than a year ago and the warranty runs out in May.

Can You Help Me Please!!!

Call, call, and call some more maybe?

Tech support
(510)657-3956 ext 321 tech_us@emprex.com

I had one for about a week and never got an answer from them took it back and got a different type.I think you now own it forever