Emprex problems that alot of people have

Well i have searched and searched for a solution for this problem,many people have had this problem aswell but no one has sorted it by the looks of it.My emprex dvd ide1008 8x speed worked fine up untill about 2-3 months ago when i started to get burn errors on every single disc i burnt,DVD and CD’s.I have downloaded LIVEUPDATE but when i double click this programme to run it nothing happens,am i using it wrong??Im using all the latest programmes to burn the discs,do you think it is something to do with this Service Pack 2 that i have installed,maybe its ANYDVD that i installed…grr what ever it is if there is someone out there that had this and has sorted it out please email me and let me know or the thing is going in the bin LOL

I also had problems with my drive and had always kept the firware up to date, however after the last update I noticed that my drive wasn’t running in dma mode and this was causing errors, I’ve rolled back to a previous firmware, I think it’s 0658 and it isn’t causing any problems now, ok it doesn’t burn as fast but I’m not bothered