Emprex IDE1004 AD76FD5E 4x +/-R/RW RECORDER HELP

I’ve got a strange problem. Whenever I burn an MP3 CD using either Nero or NTI CD/CDC CREATOR PLATINUM, all of the songs never work. I create 3 folders on the CD, and only the last 2 folders’s songs will work. the 1st folder will say READING, but the songs never will play. Not on my computer, XBOX, or in my car. I’m using GQ 52X Cd’s and have never had a problem until I switched to this burner. I had a SONY 16X CD/R/RW before. My Emprex is using updated firmware (0151). Any ideas?! I have tried burning at slower speeds, but it does no good. It copies DVD’S flawlessly but it just cant make an AUDIO or MP3 CD worth a crap.