Emprex edw4020 firmware ... where's te website?

hello everybody !

i have a emprex edw4020 with the 0037 firmware and he doesnt read or write dvds … I read in posts that the probleme could be fixed by flashing the drive bwith new frimware on the emprex"s website … but this one doesn’t work, so when can i find the flasher ??

thank you

Wow, two Emprex owners in one night (a brand I have never heard of before).
Emprex seems to rebadge BTC drives according to this.
Then you could flash it with firmware from BTC.

thank you for your quick awnser ! but iI search before in that section abnd I downloaded the flasher of btc on btc website but the soft says that it is not the appropiate dire because he’s searching for the btc drw1004 and my drive show emprex edw4020 … where can i find the flasher ???

thank you !

As I recommended in one of your posts on rpc1.org, you can try mtkflash in DOS.

thank you but i want to now with which firmware bin must i flash my drive ?? the BTC DRW 1004IM under mtkflash dos ? and which flash rhe 0038,45,47 ? It is flashed in 0037

thank you !

and with which version of mtkflash ???

If your drive does not recognize DVDs anymore, then it’s probably already too late.
It seems the laser may be damaged when writing or erasing rewritable discs with firmware versions before 0040.
You might try upgrading the firmware, but you will probably have to return your drive because it’s broken now.

Bought emprex from Fry’s for $80 (no MIR) on Thanks givings…
Not impressed with the contents (doesn’t even have an IDE cable) … documentation was bare minimum.
Impressed with Software package (Roxio CD/DVD creator 6, power dvd, roxio photosuite etc.) Although liked Roxio 5 better than 6 (may be too early to comment on that)
Installed the drive two days back. Successfully burnt CDS although speed doesn’t go over 32x. That probably my cheap CDRs. Burnt DVD too (backed up one movie using dvdxcopy) … actually was little surprized how fast it went through.
Overall … so far so good.
Questions to the freaks …

  1. How do you find MID CODE (what is MODCODE)?
  2. As things are going well for me till now … do u think I should go and update the f/w?
  3. Does it matter if I put it on IDE master or slave? Right now it’s only device on the Secondary IDE. I am thinking about moving it to another newer machine that I have and install it with another DVD ROM (which is most probably in IDE-Master)?

Thanks in advance …

Select the pulldown menu (3) and choose show complete media code (although it’s often not neccessary to do so as the main window displays the manufacturer).

  1. It is always advisable to update firmware, especially for DVD-writers as new media comes out very quickly.

  2. It does not matter on my system, and in general your drive should get along fine as secondary slave.

Thanks a lot … that will be my Weekend project. Is this software a freeware from dvdrrw.org?