Emprex Dvdrw 1016IM, Dead! pc crash during flash.please hele

Please help, i was doing a LiveUpdate when my pc decided to crash on me now my pc wouldn’t boot with my dvdrw as the master drive…

I have tried the recovery (http://www.drvupdate.com/User_Guide...lure%20Recovery) but i have problems on step 4;

  1. Change to the directary where the firmware unzip to.(Ex. C :\FW)

dos doesn’t allow the cd command so whenever i typed c: - it changes to the c drive, but how i’m i suppose to get to the FW folder when i can’t use cd FW???

Hi and welcome around the forums,

I assume that you have a NTFS partition and that you also have executed NTFSDOS. Please note that it is not a must that your harddisc is identified as c:, after running NTFSDOS it is in most cases d:. So is your firmware directory d:
ameofthefolder instead of c: