Emprex DVD/RW 1016UI Read speeds


This is y first post, and I couldn’ tfind anything that seemed specific to this issue, so apologies if Im repeating something or flogging a dead horse.
Since upgrading to a mobo with only 1 IDE port and not using sATA, I am restricted to only using my external Emprex DVDR/W. This is fine for CDs and CDR/Ws but when I come to play a DVD, the device seems to have trouble reading it, (the read light flashes continuously). Hanging my whole system until I eject the disc again.

This is strange, though because if I place a DVD movie into the player, and open Windows Media Player (v11) it is recognised and plays fine. Sometimes, with Data DVDs, the drive doesn’t hang my system, but acts as if there is no disk in the drive.

I have obtained the latest firmware revision for this drive (A089) and the microsoft drivers are all up-to-date. Of course, I have also installed PowerDVD to enable DVD playback on my Windows XP SP2.

One thing I have considered (for gaming a least) is the availability of “no-cd” ‘cracks’, although I’m wary of the legality of these and of course the potential of viruses.

If anyone can offer help/advice, I’d really appreciate it.